Lemmy from Motorhead Died – Death of Heavy Metal Hero

Ian Lemmy Kilmister Dies After He Was Diagnosed with Cancer Lemmy from Motorhead has died. Motorhead and Lemmy were the biggest contributors to the music scene, not only in United Kingdom, but also all around the world. Lemmy’s first band that he became a member of, was the psychedelic band named Hawkwind, which in that […]

How 60% of Moms Spend Their Time Online on the Internet

About 60% of Moms on the Internet Use Youtube to Answer Their Daily Questions According to this year research study of Mom’s on Youtube and how do they spend the time on Youtube. The research show us, that over 58% of moms that were surveyed this year use the Youtube to answer their daily questions. […]

Irish Guinness and 15 Reasons Why is Guinness World’s Unique Beer

Popularity of Guinness All Over the World Irish Guinness is the greatest alcohol beverage in Ireland, but also its popularity has grown up all around the world. Compared to the other beers, Guinness is unique by its distinguish unique taste of roasted barley and dark black color. Ireland is a big consumer of beer, being […]

Drug Lord from Movie Scarface Robert Loggia Died at the Age of 85

It always brings up a lot of memories when some great stars of cinematography such as Robert Loggia from the classic movie like Scarface or Robert Lynch’s Lost Highway, pass away. Then we realize the huge step that been taken since the first big actors on the movie scene until now. Everything started with those […]

All Men Celebrate International Men’s Day on 19th November

Its very interesting when we think about it. How many of you knew that there is an “official” day such as International Men’s Day? And how many of you “men” knew its on today, 19th of November? I bet that very few. At least half of the population would know that there is an International […]