Must Read Tips About Finance and Investing from Experts

Here is another interesting post by Porter Stansberry, the finance and investing guru and founder of Stansberry Research, independent financial advisory. For the last 20 years Porter is predicting the growth and crush of the not only financial market but whole world economy system. The Single Most Amazing Thing I’ve Ever Learned About Finance By […]

Unshakeable – Financial Freedom Playbook Review by Tony Robbins

Finance and Investing 2017 Bestseller Review The beginning of 2017 have shaken the ground with the new book UNSHAKEABLE: Your Financial Freedom Playbook, written and Reviewed by Tony Robbins with an assistance of Peter Mallouk – Awarded as #1 Financial Advisor in the United States by Barrons Financial Investments News Magazine. According to Tony Robbins, […]

Huge Anomaly in Stock Market to Cash In – Japanese Stocks

Readers of Independent news Ireland Undiscovered know that I like and frequently curate and use the articles and newsletters from DailyWealth by Steve Sjuggerud or StansberryResearch by Porter Stansberry, because of their perspective point of view on the world of finance and investing. I mean 99% of a time they got it right, and they […]

Credit Markets and Their Critical Development

The problems in credit markets is not any new thing. Its been here for a quiet long time for us to notice that something isn’t right. everything is just falling down the hole which is just getting bigger and bigger, and no one exactly knows what is on the bottom. Read this short newsletter from […]

Banks Charge Negative Interests – Holding a Cash Becomes Illegal

Some of the Swiss Banks Are Starting to Charge Negative Interests to Their Customers Its not a secret anymore that the central banks want us to keep our hard earned money “our cash” deposited in banks from a simple reason. So they could charge us with the interest for storing and depositing “Our” money. We […]