Global Warming Hitting the Planet Worse than Expected

We’ve heard it all before. Global warming has been a huge issue since early 80’s, and since then it’s just getting worse and worse, more waste and carbon dioxide polluting¬†our planet earth, and the rapid Increase in global population doesn’t help either, in fact, it’s the right opposite. Every new human being born on this […]

Scientists Found the Most Distant Known Object in Our Solar System

There is so much new to be found in the undiscovered universe, and i am always glad to hear the new exciting news about the new planets within our solar system. So the new planet is further away than Pluto, on the outer side.   Astronomers using data from the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) […]

How to Trick Your Brain to See Colors on Black and White Photo

This is absolutely amazing how we can trick our eye spectrum and brain, so we can see the things that are not there or we consider unreal. See this short 2 minutes video and try it yourself and let us know what you see. This is from BBC program by Helen Czerski called – Colors: […]