Trip Through Ireland along the Wild Atlantic Way

Here comes almost middle of December, and the weather in Ireland is not as delightful as other part of the year. But to cheer up everyone’s mind from the grey depressive cold weather, here is an article with a couple of photos from Ireland by And obviously Ireland is still beautiful, even during the […]

Ireland and the Most Beautiful Beaches in Europe

Top European Beaches without Tourism Talking about the the most beautiful beaches in Europe, I have to say that there is a quiet lot of them, and each one have the special characteristic feel, appearance and design. Obviously the majority of people would picture the beaches in Mediterranean sea, Spain, France, Italy, Greece. But those […]

What Are the Ireland’s Top Tourism Towns? Its Tralee and Lismore

The Most Visited Towns and Places in Ireland The tourism in Ireland has grown significantly for the last 20 years, and more and more people are tempted to visit this wild and beautiful Island in the North Atlantic. The tourism is slowly picking up year by year, but still, the revenue from tourism is small […]

South West of Ireland by Junior Braun

Beauty of Atlantic West Coast of Ireland South West and North West of Ireland is undoubtedly the most beautiful part of Ireland, combining the Midlands and East. Especially when traveling from Donegal via Sligo and Galway down to South, Connemara and Kerry. Its just evergreen country, and if the one catches the good sunny weather […]

Tourism in Ireland – Castles and Old Sites of Ireland

Undiscovered Ireland Ireland and its still almost undiscovered side of ancient historic castles, ruins, buildings and sites is great and highly recommended destination. Some of the prehistoric sites are one of the oldest in Europe, even on the planet, reminding the different smaller versions of Stonehenge, the massive stones laid across each other would be […]