Global Warming Hitting the Planet Worse than Expected

We’ve heard it all before. Global warming has been a huge issue since early 80’s, and since then it’s just getting worse and worse, more waste and carbon dioxide pollutingĀ our planet earth, and the rapid Increase in global population doesn’t help either, in fact, it’s the right opposite. Every new human being born on this […]

Storm Desmond Ireland: 5.12. Storm Desmond Over Donegal 120 km per Hour

Desmond Over Cruit Island in Donegal, Ireland Its 5th of December 7PM, and we just received about two hoursĀ ago a new update on Storm Desmond that is just hitting Ireland, especially west coast of Ireland. The video and photos have been captured probably around 4PM on the northern tip of small and almost inhabited Donegal […]

Desmond – Weather Red Warning and Floods Over the West of Ireland

Storm Desmond Over the Ireland Prepare your umbrellas because its gonna get wet. The storm Desmond is reigning all over the Ireland, entering from the West. Possible Floods in places, it will rain all Saturday. Batten down the hatches as the country is set for a washout this weekend as weather chiefs upgrade their weather […]