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Doubtless Presence of Norwegian Vikings in Ireland

This short poem that written in old Celtic runes was found in Ireland and proves the presence of Norwegian Vikings. Also the doubtless fear that was going on between the monks and population of South of Ireland where is the biggest archaeology deposit of presence of Vikings.

Bitter is the wind tonight

It tosses the ocean’s white hair

Tonight I fear not the fierce warriors of Norway 

Coursing on the Irish sea

(A translation by Kuno Meyer)

This anonymous poem is written in the margins of an Early Irish manuscript that now resides in the monastery of St. Gallin Switzerland. Most likely dating from around 850 AD, the text may have been complied in a northern Irish monastery such as Nendrum or Bangor (both in Co. Down).

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In a just a few, short words it conveys the sense of dread that was permeating through Irish monastic communities in the 9th century AD. During this period Viking raids were an every present danger and the Irish Annal’s record numerous attacks on monasteries. In such a climate of fear and uncertainty, it is not difficult to understand why a monk would wish for stormy seas and a respite from ship borne assaults.

‘Is acher ingáith innocht .

fufuasna faircggae findḟolt

ni ágor réimm mora minn 

dondláechraid lainn oua lothlind’

The original Irish text of the poem.

via http://irisharchaeology.ie/2015/01/tonight-i-fear-not-the-vikings-an-early-irish-poem/

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