Global Warming Hitting the Planet Worse than Expected

We’ve heard it all before. Global warming has been a huge issue since early 80’s, and since then it’s just getting worse and worse, more waste and carbon dioxide polluting our planet earth, and the rapid Increase in global population doesn’t help either, in fact, it’s the right opposite. Every new human being born on this planet contributes to the inevitable disaster that is about to come in the near future. But to give the way to something new and fresh, the old has to be destroyed. If you don’t like your old house, the best thing to do is to knock it down and build the new one from the scratch because sometimes it just doesn’t worth of try to fix it.

Also, there are hundreds of prophecies that kind of talk about this day which is is about to come, and put the thing in order by almost completely depopulating the planet. Some people are constantly giving the dates on which everything will happen, but I don’t think that anyone knows the exact date of apocalypse that is about to come. Everything has a lot to do with the Plane X, also called Nibiru, the 10th planet of our solar system which has different and unusual trajectory around the sun, and every couple of hundreds of years it passes closely around the planets and sun of our solar system, causing huge planetary changes, such as pole shift and deluge because of it’s 10x bigger size than planet earth and strong magnetic field. This all recorded in the history if we know where to look.

So, what is about to happen, happened already many times throughout our long 400 000 years history of humans and the global warming is just a small contributor to the inevitable event that is about to happen very soon. Let’s accept the rebirth of something new, fresh beginning.

Climate change projections have vastly underestimated the role that clouds play, meaning future warming could be far worse than is currently projected, according to new research.

Researchers said that a doubling of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere compared with pre-industrial times could result in a global temperature increase of up to 5.3C – far warmer than the 4.6C older models predict.

The analysis of satellite data, led by Yale University, found that clouds have much more liquid in them, rather than ice, than has been assumed until now. Clouds with ice crystals reflect more solar light than those with liquid in them, stopping it reaching and heating the Earth’s surface.

The underestimation of the current level of liquid droplets in clouds means that models showing future warming are misguided, says the paper, published in Science. It also found that fewer clouds will change to a heat-reflecting state in the future – due to CO2 increases – than previously thought, meaning that warming estimates will have to be raised.

Such higher levels of warming would make it much more difficult for countries to keep the global temperature rise to below 2C, as they agreed to do at the landmark Paris climate summit last year, to avoid dangerous extreme weather and negative effects on food security. The world has already warmed by 1C since the advent of heavy industry, driven by CO2 concentrations soaring by more than 40%.

A lack of data and continuing uncertainty over the role of clouds is to blame for the confusion about warming estimates, said Ivy Tan, a graduate student at Yale who worked on the research with academics from Yale and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

“Models have been systematically underestimating the amount of liquid in clouds, meaning that we aren’t fully appreciating the feedback,” she said. “It could mean our higher limit of warming is now even higher, depending on the model, which means serious consequences for us in terms of climate change.

“This is one of the largest uncertainties left in climate change. We need to understand these feedbacks a lot better.”


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