Sligo Slish Wood Fire

The Drone Video Footage of Slish Wood Fire

For long 2 days, Sligo and Leitrim fire brigades were fighting the extensive fire that was raging the Slish Wood forestry situated in County Sligo, on the Lough Gill lakeside between Sligo town and Dromahair. Around 4000 acres of forestry reservation have been ruined and burned to the ground. The ignition of the fire was caused by the incautious farmer burning the gorse.

Some quick thoughts on this

“This kind of ridiculousness can only happen in Ireland. It hasn’t been even a full week of dry sunny weather and yet some people manage to burn down the forestry reservation that is just one of a few in entire Ireland. What would happen if here were 2 moths of hot, dry, and sunny weather? Probably the whole island would be on Fire! The problem is that the farmers, the people, are not really careful when it comes down to the strong force such as fire. It all probably comes down to the fact that in the normal Irish dump and wet weather conditions nothing burns, even the stuff you want to.

It all comes down to the general knowledge, education, and most importantly being cautious of own actions and think ahead, which some people have apparently a problem to do so. The price for such a mistake is too high, the entire micro ecosystem wiped out with all the life in it! I just can’t help myself, but I would just call it the masterpiece of pure stupidity to burn down the forest here in Ireland.” Says one of the residents of the Sligo town.

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